New video texting app spotlights authentic conversations between close friends.
Upgrade from typing to video and elevate talks with friends.

SAN FRANCISCO - February 19, 2015 - Imagist Labs announced today the immediate availability of Pop - Video Texting for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

Pop is a lo fi video texting app for close friends. Conversations on Pop have the expressiveness of video chats and the convenience of text messaging.

There's no need to set up a video call to chat with friends. Videos on Pop behave like texts. Users chat in real-time or respond to videos when they want.


Research suggests that faces, voices and gestures make up 93% of human communication. Pop lets users show friends how they're feeling at any given moment, giving context to conversations that are richer and more authentic than text messages.

“I was frustrated with video chat, voicemail, and texting. ” said Alaric Cole, co-founder of Pop. “So I built something to take the best from each, with none of the annoyances.”

Pop’s compressed videos are designed with poor network conditions and budget data plans in mind.

Pop is ideal for close friends and family who want a convenient and expressive way to talk to one another.

Pricing and Availability
Pop is available in English, Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish and is free on Apple App Store. Pop is designed for iPhones and iPod Touch, running on iOS8 or above.

About Imagist Labs
Imagist Labs designs and builds mobile apps for users to communicate and express themselves visually. The company was founded by Joshua Nguyen, a product leader at Tumblr and Flickr, and Alaric Cole, a veteran mobile engineer with several top 15 apps in the App Store.

Press Contact
All press inquiries can be directed to:

Joshua Nguyen
Co-Founder, Imagist Labs
1-415-613-6705 (m) | josh@imagistapp.com

Additional Materials
Screenshots, icons and other related media are available for download: http://www.hellopop.co/press/press.html

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Imagist Labs announced today the immediate availability of Pop for iOS users. Pop allows users to send personal video messages to close friends. Video messaging is a lot faster than texting, and with Pop's small, colorful videos, users can now see and hear their friends whenever they want.

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Pop, a new app from Imagist Labs, is now available in the App Store. Pop allows users to talk with friends via colorful video messages.

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New video texting app Pop promises communication that's expressive and convenient for close friends: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pop-video-texting-is-faster/id875099176?ls=1&mt=8